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Circumplast is the safest circumcision disposable ring for male babies and children. We are sole distributor in UK. It is better than Plastibell. Centres who are using the Circumplast device are located  at London, Cambridge, Leyton,  and Luton,

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Circumplast is ideal for baby and boys circumcions 

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Javaria Akram

AIM: To evaluate the early postoperative complications particularly impaction of disposable devices ( Plastibell and Circumplast ) in children’s circumcision procedures under local anaesthesia between different age groups, size and types of rings, and different doctors in a community clinic.
In our re-audit, the outcome of circumcisions (n=1449) was studied over a 1 year period (May 2016 to April 2017) performed under local anaesthesia, by trained doctors in a community clinic doing Circumplast Circumcisions (CC) (n=470) and Plastibell circumcisions (PC) (n=979). Data was collected prospectively and early postoperative complications especially ring impaction were compared between age of the child, size and types of device, and doctors who have performed the circumcision. Follow-up was arranged if required.
The mean age was 6.5±0.4 months (median 1.6). Overall complication rate was 6.7% (97/1449). There is no significant difference in overall complications rate in CC (7% n=33/470) versus PC (6.5% n=64/979) (p>0.5). Although ring impaction is significantly lower in Circumplast circumcision  (0.4% n=2/470) versus Plastibell circumcision (3.4% n=33/979) (p<0.05) but it has significantly improved from the previous audit (CC 3.2% n=7/208 versus PC 8.7% n=102/1179 – ESPU 2016). There is significantly lower incidence in ring impaction with Plastibell size 1.4 as compared to 1.3, 1.5 and 1.7. There is no impaction in 1.1 and 1.2 sizes. Ring impaction was significantly lower in infants versus over 1 year child (1.5% vs 10% n= 19/1280 vs 17/169, p<0.5) respectively. There is no significant difference in complications (8.5%, 7.1%, 6.5%, 5.8% and 5%) among the five doctors’ cases (p>0.5). Mean follow-up for 354 (24%) children were 14 days (median 6).
This concludes that no significant difference noted in overall early complications of circumcisions between age of the child, size and types of device used, and among different doctors. However, ring impaction was significantly lower in infants, Plastibell size 1.4 and Circumplast.

Accepted as a poster and presentation in ESPU 2018. This abstract is published at

All children operated at Thornhill clinic, Luton, Leyton Clinic, London and Croydon Clinic, London

Outcome of Circumplast and Plastibell at Thornhill Circumcision Centre

Javaria Akram

This cohort study will evaluate the early postoperative complications in Circumplast and Plastibell techniques, in a community clinic- Thornhill Circumcision Centre, for non-therapeutic male circumcision.

We reviewed the outcome of non-therapeutic male circumcision in children (n=1387) over a 1 year period (May 2014 to April 2015) in a community clinic - Thornhill clinic , performed under local anaesthesia, by trained doctors with the backup of a trained paediatric surgeon (figure 1-4). The technique was selected by doctors’ preference. Data was collected prospectively and early postoperative complications were compared between Circumplast and Plastibell circumcisions. Follow-up consultations were arranged if required.

The mean age was 18 ± 1.9 months (median 5.1) in Circumplast circumcision (CC) and 9.4 ± 0.6 months (median 1.5) in Plastibell circumcision (PC). Incidence of complications is significantly lower in CC (6.3% n=13/208) versus PC (13% n=154/1179) (p<0.05) (complications graph). Postoperative use of antibiotics was higher in CC versus PC (6.7% vs 3.8% n=14 vs 45) but not statistically significant (P>0.05). Mean follow-up consultations were 19 days (range 1 to 373) in CC and 20 days (range 1 to 305) in PC.


Non-therapeutic male circumcision by the Circumplast device has a significantly lower risk of early postoperative complications in a community clinic, especially migration/impaction of the ring when compared to the standard Plastibell device.