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27 Lantree Crescent
Cambridge, CB2 9NJ
United Kingdom


Circumplast is the safest circumcision disposable ring for male babies and children. We are sole distributor in UK. It is better than Plastibell. Centres who are using the Circumplast device are located  at London, Cambridge, Leyton,  and Luton,

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Paediatric Surgeons, Urologists and GP specialsit in circumcision  have given their views of Circumplast Circumcision in male children.

"I have been using Plastibell for the last 20 years; I always think that there are serious complications associated with Plastibell which could be prevented by changing the design. Circumplast device has completely eliminated any risks involved with proximal migration of the device due to the cylindrical design. The glans of the penis is kept completely covered by the device which prevents could prevent meatal stenosis in the future. Circumplast is unique in its ability to allow for multiple locations in which the surgeon may secure the ligature which was not possible in the case of Plastibell. The proximal lip of the device helps to cut the inner mucosal skin very close to the coronal sulcus. This also prevents future adhesion of the inner mucosal skin to the glans of the penis and gives a better cosmetic appearance. Due to these reasons, I have been using Circumpilast device for the last 12 months with excellent results."   ARK (Paediatric Surgeon, London)

Circumplast has minimum risk of migrating to shaft of the penis as compare to the Plastibell device in newborn circumcision
— Leyton Clinic , London
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